Art education students at tables in a workshop

Art Education

Buffalo State art education graduates teach in every state and in many foreign countries. You'll find our graduates in the field of art education (including preschool, elementary, middle school, and high school); arts administration in schools, museums, and other settings; graphic and commercial art; and art instruction and administration at the college level with advanced credentials.

Art Education Programs

Do you love taking chances, getting messy, and making mistakes? Do you love coming up with fun projects that let others explore their creativity? If so, Buffalo State College’s art education program may be perfect for you.

Our art education programs train students to be both educators and artists. Art education students work side-by-side in studio classes with art and design majors. This means that art education majors are able to develop their resumes and their portfolios.

With their combination of art-making skills, art history knowledge, and understanding of developmental psychology, our graduates are excellent candidates for art teacher positions in preschool through secondary schools throughout the country.