Articulation Agreement with ECC's Fine Arts Degree

SUNY Buffalo State Courses Erie Community College Equivalents
DES 101 Intro to Design: 2D 1 AT 230 Design I
DES 103 Intro to Design: 3D 1 AT 231 3D Design
DES 271 Typography No equivalency
DES 277 Computer Graphics I AT 260 Digital Art and AT 225 Digital Imaging
DES 377 Computer Graphics II No equivalency
DES 270 Visual Communication I No equivalency
DES 307 Color Theory No equivalency
DES 380 Illustration I No equivalency
FAR 101 Drawing I AT 200 Drawing I
FAR 104 Themes & Issues in Contemporary Arts AT 280 Art Appreciation
FAR 250 Art History I AT 280 Art History I
FAR 251 Art History II AT 282 Art History II