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Tech Hub

Tech Hub Studio Coordinator:
Caitlin Skelcey

Tech Hub Location: Upton Hall 222


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Digital Design & Fabrication Certificate



The Tech Hub is Buffalo State College’s 3D Digital Fabrication Lab and Classroom. We are open to serve the BSC community as well as the wider community of Buffalo. Whatever you are looking to do, our knowledgeable student technicians can help you find  information and get started using the equipment that you need.   


Our hours can fluctuate by semester as we try to work with our technician's class schedules but we are generally open 35 - 40 hours per week. Please check our schedule as it changes every semester.   

*We are always closed on university holidays and breaks.   

Spring 2020 Hours (coming soon!)     


3D Printing   
There are several options for 3D printing available in the Tech Hub.   

Our Printers: 
Ultimaker 2+ - FDM printer   
Ultimaker 3 - FDM printer   
Form2  - resin/ photopolymer printer   

Vinyl Cutting Pricing:                         

Material Media Width Price
Colored Vinyl (Adhesive) 24" $1.75/Linear foot (includes transfer tape)




Laser Cutting:  
Laser Template (.ai attachment/link)   
Laser File Set up Guide (Linked)     

Materials that may be cut/etched include: 
Bristol Board 
Chipboard  Corrguated Paper (cardboard) 
Mat Board / Museum Board  Drawing / Watercolor/ Vellum paper Cover or Card Stock 
Epson Inkjet Paper 
Laser Prints 
Iron-on Paper 
Birch Plywood 
Craft Plywood (up to 3/8 inch) 
Basswood Composition 
Hardboard (not MDF i.e. masonite, tempered wood) 
Acrylic (Poly Methyl MethAcrylate) 
Plastic Corrugated Board (PolyPropolyene) 
Delrin (Poly TetraFlouroEthylene) 
Flexible Craft Foam 
Transparency Film (Acetate) 
Mylar PETG (PolyEthylene Terephthalate) only less than 0.022” thick 
PolyEster lightweight only 
PolyPropylene-  lightweight only 
Industrial Wool 
Artificial Felt 
Natural Wool 
Polyester (cannot contain Vinyl) 
Leather (bonded or hide; cannot contain Vinyl)   

**It is highly recomended that you bring in extra/sample scrap material in order to test laser settings before cutting your actual piece**   

3D Scanning 
Sense Scan   
Can easily scans body parts and larger objects   

Questions? Email us at  




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