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Welcome to the Buffalo State Photography Area’s Resource Page


The Photography Area is located in 109 (darkroom) and 112-113 (classroom and digital lab). Upton Hall can be reached through the basement of Upton Hall, either from the side of the Science Building, or from Upton’s central entrance.

Upton Hall is H4 on this map.

Lab fees cover the cost of all chemistry and darkroom facilities, as well as small-scale digital printing and some course expenses.


  • Mac and PC computer lab equipped with newest photo-editing software
  • small- and large-format digital printing, up to 44” wide
  • gang black- and-white darkroom with 14 enlargers, for printing up to 4x5 inch-negatives
  • black-and-white film processing area and photo finishing area
  • non-silver processes area
  • view camera film developing area
  • professional shooting studio, equipped with lighting and backdrops
  • studio for film and print scanning
  • photobook production facilities
  • photography art and technical resource library
  • hallway exhibition area

Photography Classes

Full list of classes with course descriptions can be found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Current photography courses include:

  • FAR 220, Introductory Photography (Required for major and minor. No prerequisites). Link to course Supply List.
  • FAR 321, Intermediate Photography 1 (Required for major and minor. Portfolio review at end of this course to continue in program). Link to course Supply List.
  • FAR 322, Intermediate Photography 2 (Required for major and minor) Link to course Supply List.
  • FAR 323, Advanced Photography (Required 3 times for major and twice for minor) Link to course Supply List.
  • FAR 325, History of Photography (Required for major and minor)
  • FAR 420, Senior Seminar in Photography (Required for major only)                                        

To register for classes, add them through Banner.

Faculty & Staff

Yola Monakhov Stockton, Assistant Professor and Coordinator for Photography Area, Office 308D, X3675
Bob Collignon, Adjunct Lecturer,
Nathan Ely, Adjunct Lecturer,
Gareth Lichty, Instructional Support Technician for Art and Design Department,
James Aumer, Digital Photography Research Assistant (student),
Alethea Odudu, Darkroom Photography Research Assistant (student),
Nico Zarcone, Safety Monitor (student),

If a class is listed as full, please put your name on the Wait List.

Darkroom Monitors and Hours

  • During Lab Hours the darkroom is kept open by trained student monitors who mix chemistry, answer student questions, and keep the facility clean and safe. Otherwise, darkroom and lab access are available for registered students registered, provided another class is not meeting at the time. Taking Introductory Photography is a prerequisite to becoming a monitor, and becoming a monitor is the best way to gain access to the darkroom during semesters when you are not taking a photography class and provides experience within a specified role. Students interested in becoming a monitor should contact the Alethea Odudu, the Darkroom Photography Research Assistant at

Darkroom and lab hours are posted on the bulletin board outside of Upton 109.


Students at the intro level (FAR 220) will work with both 35mm and digital cameras.  A limited number of 35mm film cameras are available for loan to intro students.

Photography Resources

Supply lists for your courses are available below. These lists will vary somewhat by semester, especially for FAR 322/FAR 323.



  • Nippon Photo Clinic (NYC): 212-982-3177
  • Steven K. Grimes (Rhode Island): 401-762-0857
  • Take camera to Delaware Camera for small repairs. See contact below.


Social Media

We do communicate updates and photography related news through the Art and Design Facebook and Instagram: @artdesignbuffalo and Twitter.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I took Photo in High School/Another School. Can I skip the Introductory Photography pre-requisite?

A: In most cases, no. Our classes are unlike any other class you are likely to have taken, but you may receive credit for an art elective or other photography course in the sequence.

Q: I have a digital SLR Camera. Can I use it for class?

A: Yes, you will use it in each of our courses. However, Introductory Photography and Intermediate Photography 1 also teach use of film cameras and Black and White printing in the Darkroom.

Q: The class I want is listed as Full. What can I do to try and get in the class?

A: Sign up for the Wait List through Banner and attend the first two sessions of the class in which you wish to enroll.

Q: Is there a Photography major and a minor? What are the advantages of each? How do I add a major or a minor?

A: Yes, the major requirements are listed here and the minor requirements are listed here. Students who come to Buffalo State with the intention of studying photography are encouraged to start with Introductory Photography (FAR 220) right away. If you are planning on a career in photography or considering a master’s program in art, photography, or visual studies, then the major may be the right choice. It is also often useful to combine a major in photography with another discipline. A minor, on the other hand, may work well for a student otherwise pursuing a BA in art, majoring in another field, or who comes to photography a bit later in the undergraduate major. Students who wish to explore photography without majoring or minoring are also welcome.

To add a major or a minor, please fill out this form and send it it to for a signature. A portfolio is not required to add a major or minor, but please note that you will be asked to complete a portfolio review at the completion of FAR 321 to stay in the major or minor, and that a minimum GPA of 3.0 in your photo courses is required. Basically, you can sign up for a major or minor right away and then proceed with FAR 220 and FAR 321, as well as your  other major or minor requirements, but you will need to perform well to stay in the program. Students for whom the program ends up not being the best fit may still apply their photo credits towards a general BA degree in art.

Q: I have a question about classes, cameras, or something photography related. Whom can I contact?

A: Contact Prof. Yola Monakhov Stockton to set up a meeting.


Admission Requirements 

High school students applying for admission to the B.F.A. photography major need only state his/her intent to major in photography to be accepted to the major. A portfolio is not required. 

A transfer student who has studied photography elsewhere seeking advanced placement may be accepted directly into the major, but must show a portfolio of photographs to be evaluated by the Area Coordinator for appropriate placement in this program.  The portfolio must contain: 10, silver black-and-white, 8”x10” prints enlarged from film, and 10, 8.5”x11” color ink jet prints.  These prints should represent the applicant’s strongest pictures.

Portfolio should be mailed to:

Art & Design Department
SUNY Buffalo State, Attn: Photography Coordinator


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