ASID Student Chapter

SUNY Buffalo State Interior Design students, freshman to senior level, participate in the student chapter of American Society of Interior Designers (ASID).

Interior Design Students on Vision

Students in a Real-World Scenario

Through participation, students gain access to real-world scenarios and information provided by visiting professionals to the campus. Local- to international-travel opportunities to lectures, design studios, and conventions are planned, paving the way for supplemental information regarding the latest trends, innovations, and research. The students are encouraged to enter design competitions and have proven to be successful. They have succeeded in being awarded in local, regional, national, and international scholarships and competitions.

ASID offers the ability to participate with other design students and professionals in national competitions, scholarships, and grants.

Monthly meetings, informative programs, fundraising projects, volunteer opportunities, regional and national conventions.

Habitat for Humanity
Carlisy Abreu, Chelsey Balistrieri, and Rebecca Sturniolo took part in Habitat for Humanity on Saturday, 3/28/15. As part of a collaboration with the students of Villa Maria, ASID students took part in knocking down walls, ripping up baseboards, and other demolition tasks. Quoting Ms. Sturniolo, "I believe we all learned from this experience, not only by helping the community but by also seeing first hand how certain aspects of a home are constructed. We all had a lot of fun and the experience was definitely rewarding."

Faculty Adviser
Bhakti Sharma

President: Darcy Engle
Vice President: Rebecca Sturniolo
Secretary: Stephanie Mohorter
Treasurer: Tierra Bush