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Ashley Maggiacomo - May 2019

BFA - Bachelor of Fine Arts
Interior Designer, Design Farm Architects, Inc.

"Fact: Buffalo State College skillfully sculpted me into an Interior Design professional.

Entering the program, I had no idea the rigor and defined learning experience I was about to endure. The proficient staff taught me a deeper respect for my chosen career path and brought me an understanding of the design process in a way that I could have never imagined.

We constantly jumped into absolutely everything and never missed a beat. We tackled incredibly in-depth projects and never skipped a conversation about each and every intentional detail. Creating ambitious, inspirational and well-mannered designs. The projects covered every area of the field- ranging from residential, to commercial, theoretical, to theatrical- as small as a pavillion or pop-up shop, and as large as entire homes, floors, and buildings- (right down to the detail drawings)!

The experience was hands on- both in the classroom and in the community. Becoming involved with local Interior Design groups and local projects- there was never a shortage of network opportunities, nor chances to individually shine.

In my four short years at Buffalo State I was able to become the President of the school’s Interior Design club, a student chair for the Buffalo Chapter of IIDA, and recipient of multiple awards recognizing both team driven work and my individual work.

Buffalo State provided me with the essential building blocks, cutting-edge computer programs, constant inspiration, and a true passion for good design.

Today I live in Boston, MA working as a commercial Interior Designer. I create real projects that impact the people and city that surrounds me - my dream. Thank you, Buffalo State."

Gulnihal Yildiz, May 2017

Master of Professional Studies Lighting Design, New York School of Interior Design

Lighting Designer, Pierce Lighting Studio
Highest Degree:

"One of the best decisions I ever made in my life was to enroll in BFA in Interior Design Program at SUNY Buffalo State College. I'm always amazed at how well prepared I was after completion of the 4 year Interior Design Program. The educators at Buffalo State College were remarkable! They nurtured my creativity, my interest in the lighting design, taught me great skills, offered wonderful resources and prepared me for a career in architectural lighting design. Today I’m holding a graduate degree in Architectural Lighting Design and working in the Lighting field as an emerging professional. I know I could not have my dreams came true without the education I received from the Buffalo state College.
Thank you for helping me gain the self-esteem and confidence needed to become a Lighting designer!"

Becky Sturniolo, 2016

Master of Architecture (Virginia Tech, 2019)
Design Specialist, Modsy

"I can only reflect fondly on my time in the Interior Design department at Buffalo State. I was unsure of my educational and life goals until I found myself in this program. It showed me a different side of art and design that I was mostly unaware of, and I found myself immersing in it fully. The professors truly make the program what it is. They gave us knowledge and experience that you won't find elsewhere in Buffalo. The projects we worked on were challenging, but pushed us to do our very best, or we would fall behind. This kind of environment is inspiring and creates talented, well-rounded professionals upon graduation. It not only allows for bonds to be created between us and our professors and professionals within the field, but it also creates lasting friendships between classmates. I am proud that many of my classmates have all gone on to do various things within the field of design, and are doing it will, as we continue to stay in touch. Personally, my time at Buffalo State led me to continue to graduate school, at Virginia Tech, where I have received my M.Arch degree. The experience gained from my time in the Interior Design program brought me to graduate school feeling prepared and hungry to continue to learn more. I could not have asked for a better undergraduate experience. And I have Buffalo State to thank for that, specifically Bhakti Sharma, Eric Dolph, Barry Yavener, and all of those in the Interior Design program."  


Alumni Elizabeth Decker, '16

Courtney Collins, 2014

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Interior Design
Interior Designer, NCIDQ Certified, Scheid Architectural

"I entered Buffalo State College with no prior interior design-related experience and through the CIDA-accredited education; I built the foundation for my career today. 

Since graduating in 2014, I have earned the distinction and recognition of being an NCIDQ Certified Interior Designer. This accomplishment is the first major step into a professional career in the interior design industry. Without the CIDA accreditation and education from Buffalo State College, I would not have had the tools necessary to be able to succeed and excel in my career path. While the program may be rigorous, if fully taken advantage of it will instill the work ethic, develop the skill set, and establish relationships required to be successful in this industry. I am truly grateful for my time and experiences at Buffalo State and I hope the result is the same for you."

Corinn Soro, 2007

Masters Degree MA Design Research for Disability (Universal Design)
Senior Interior Designer and Associate at Kideney Architects PC
Affiliation: CID, NCIDQ, EDAC, SEGD

"Buffalo State provided many foundations and building blocks for my career. The interior design program stressed the principles and fundamentals of design while pushing my thought process and developing technical and cognitive skills. It is here that I learned the pathways for creative problem solving and how to truly listening to an architectural problem and developing a solution. The professors and teaching staff also encouraged my unique passion for research and were personally invested in seeing the success of student projects. This has all served me well in my profession growth and career success as an interior designer and in leadership roles." 

Students in China

Darcy Engle

"When I was introduced to the opportunity to travel to China for a Culture Camp sponsored by Zhengzhou University of Light Industry, I instantly applied. I've learned through past traveling, that the best understanding of a certain group of people comes from seeing what they see, experiencing what they experience, eating with them and talking to them."

Kristal Rendon

Alana Sun


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