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Our Printmaking concentration helps students to develop abilities to think creatively, giving the confidence to realize individual vision. The program provides equal-parts skill development, guidance, challenging discussion, and freedom to explore. Focusing on skills, experimentation, and dialogue, the program creates a space to explore and emerge as an artist. The curriculum offers adaptable opportunities including studio, seminar, critiques, independent study with individual faculty, and internships - enabling you to design your own individualized off-campus learning program.

How to Apply

About the Concentration 

Printmaking education is a process of dialogue and reflection, attuned to the challenging responsibilities of the individual artist in a changing world, engaging broad knowledge and technology. It is creative, directed, and collaborative. Artists play a role in shaping our collective understanding. The program is not about one single necessary outcome. It is an education for possibilities, preparing you to shape work and life in effective and unexpected ways. 

The Printmaking concentration encourages questioning accepted definitions, building working tools for your practice in contemporary print art. It educates students in a wide range of endeavors as creative thinkers, explorers, and visionaries and supports knowledge growth based on reading, thinking, and writing informed by in-depth understanding of practice and theory, essential for engaging and understanding contemporary print and paper art.

Range of Approaches and Methods

  • Lithography
  • Intaglio
  • Screen 
  • Relief
  • Papermaking
  • Artist books
  • Bookbinding

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Facilities and Equipment


We offer spaces for:

  • Plate and stone lithography
  • Intaglio approaches
  • Mono print/monotype
  • Alternative methods
  • Screen print
  • Relief
  • Paper preparation before printing and post-printing procedures, and book classes
  • Transparency production for photo print approaches

Printmaking Equipment

  • Takash and Brand Litho presses
  • Takasch and Crull Etching presses
  • Brand Etching press. 
  • Vandercook proof press
  • Washington proof press
  • Smaller proof presses 
  • A full exposure unit for photo processes


Papermaking Equipment

  • Hollander Beaters (custom steel frame hydraulic paper press) 
  • Hundreds of large felts 
  • Oversized vat stations 
  • Warm forced-air stacking dries
  • Equipment for Oriental papermaking
  • Electric book tooling unit
  • Industrial scale book drying stack presses


The concentration currently has a newly developing affiliation with an innovative type publisher press, where internships are available.

Advanced type printing classes are taught on site (here or at the publisher?). 

Students discover the history of prints at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, and the campus' Burchfield-Penny Art Center. Students have direct access to prints, documenting key areas of the history of printmaking, from the fifteenth century to the present day.