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James Lombardo Sr. Award for Excellence in the Visual Arts

About the Award

James Lombardo Jr., a graduate of Buffalo State College’s business program and a New York City investment adviser and art collector, has established an opportunity for 10 exceptional Buffalo State undergraduate visual arts majors to learn about the business of the visual arts to enhance their potential for professional success. The project he funds honors the values and inspiration of his late father, James Lombardo Sr.

The faculty of the Art and Design Department select one outstanding student from each visual arts studio. The artwork of these award recipients is featured in Across the Visual Arts, the first student exhibition of the academic year in Upton Hall's Czurles-Nelson Gallery.

In October, Lombardo sponsors the students and two faculty mentors on a four-day trip to New York City to learn about the business of the visual arts. In addition to visiting galleries and museums, the students meet with arts administrators and interact with a panel of entrepreneurial artists.


Previous James Lombardo Sr. Award Recipients


Matthew Daggett (Art Education)

Patrick Wagner (Ceramics)

Megan Sweeney (Communication/Design)

Solana Anstett (Metals/Jewelry)

Joseph Giardini (Painting)

Tiffany C. Rohrback (Photography)

Kenny Leon (Printmaking)

Rachel Kryzanowski (Sculpture)

Shawn Mergler (Wood/Furniture)

Photo gallery. >>


Kelsie Tangelder (Art Education)

Stephanie Fowler (Ceramics)

Jordon Burby (Communication/Design)

Rebecca Dwight (Fibers)

Sarah Kieffer (Metals/Jewelry)

Dustin Perdziak (Painting)

Andrea Rongo (Photography)

Melanie Klimjack (Printmaking)

Megan Cavanaugh (Sculpture)

Scott Annese (Wood/Furniture)


Julia Bottom (Art Education)

Jessica Widmer (Ceramics)

Dana Fischer (Communication/Design)

Rebecca Dwight (Fibers)

Ashley Vining (Metals/Jewelry)

Jeremiah Kirby (Painting)

Nicholas Butler (Photography)

Gregory Velazquez (Printmaking)

Ian Car (Sculpture)

Eric Rose (Wood/Furniture)

Photo gallery. >>


redolino Zelasko (Art Education)

Tina Vu (Ceramics)

Jenna Hutzler (Communication/Design)

Mary Morrison (Fiber)

Stephanie Kahn (Metals/Jewelry)

Elizabeth Spector (Painting)

Aleah Fierle (Photography)

Scott Gadille (Printmaking)

Jacquelyne O'Brien (Sculpture)

Norman Cramer (Wood/Furniture)


Ashley Smith (Art Education)

Stephanie Dukat (Ceramics)

Danielle Cook (Communication/Design)

Erin Curry (Fibers)

Aric Verrastro (Metals/Jewelry)

Ashley Pokorski (Painting)

Sarah Westphal (Photography)

David Huurman (Printmaking)

Tina Rott (Sculpture)

Kelly Caruso (Wood/Furniture)



Zack Boehler (Art Education)

Suzanne Molnar-Goad (Ceramics)

Ryan Fisher (Communication/Design)

Hillary Fayle (Fibers)

Vincent Pontillo (Metals/Jewelry)

Brian Nacov (Painting)

Christina Laing (Photography)

Stas Ogadzhavoc (Printmaking)

Ekaterina Klepikova (Sculpture)

Adam Kessler (Wood/Furniture)


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