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Graphic Design Assessment

Graphic Design Program Assessment

Student Learning Outcomes

  • Apply the elements & principles of design appropriately across multiple media;
  • Demonstrate the ability to develop creative solutions to design problems, integrate feedback, iterate ideas, and instantiate a creative work using appropriate methods and craftsmanship;
  • Implement the principles of visual communication design to effectively convey information and create various modes of conversations with individuals and communities;
  • Recognize and explain key aspects of graphic design and art history, theory and criticism from a variety of worldviews, including prominent designers/artists/writers/critics;
  • Design systems and scenarios of information, user interfaces, responsive situations, motion graphics, iterative image-making, exhibitions, and typographical compositions while demonstrating a command of contemporary technologies;
  • Apply a variety of human-centered research methods in the design process while solving fictional and real-world design challenges using professional standards and practices;
  • Evaluate, judge, and explain the social and ethical responsibilities of graphic designers, the relationship of graphic design to other disciplines, and the role of graphic design in society;
  • Develop a personal body of work with a unique set of aesthetic sensibilities, technical mastery, and demonstrate the capacity to effectively speak/write about and refine one’s own studio practice;

Graphic Design Curriculum Map (2018)


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