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Art History (Minor)

About the Program

Recognizing the value of a historical knowledge of the visual arts for students majoring in other disciplines, the Fine Arts Department offers an academic minor in art history.

Program Requirements

Total Required Credit Hours 21 cr

Required Courses (21 cr)
FAR 250 Art History I
FAR 251 Art History II

One course from each of these five areas

Ancient (Choose 1)
FAR 351 Art of the Ancient World
FAR 353 Art of Egypt and the Near East
FAR 354 Art and Culture of Greece
FAR 355 Art and Culture of Rome

Medieval (Choose 1)
FAR 352 Islamic Art and Culture
FAR 356 Early Medieval Art
FAR 357 Late Medieval Art
FAR 369 Art of the Middle Ages

Renaissance and Baroque (Choose 1)
FAR 358 Early Renaissance Art in Italy
FAR 359 High Renaissance and Mannerism
FAR 361 Italian Baroque Art
FAR 367 Baroque Art of Northern Europe
FAR 373 Art and Culture of Venice 1300-1800
FAR 469 Art and Architecture of Siena

Modern/Contemporary Art (Choose 1)
FAR 325 History of Photography
FAR 362 Nineteenth Century Art
FAR 363 Twentieth Century Art
FAR 364 Art After 1940
FAR 365 American Art

Non-Western Art (Choose 1)
FAR 352 Art and Culture of Islam
FAR 353 Art of Egypt and the Near East
FAR 375 Introduction to Asian Art
FAR 376 Indian Art
FAR 377 Art of China and Japan
FAR 380 Art of Africa


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