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About the program

Work by Kaitlyn Malinowski
Photography –Storytelling, Documentary Studies, and the Material Image   

What is photography? A Way of Seeing. Chance. Perspective. Inquiry. Action. A relationship with materials. Surface. Frame. Knowing through making. Exposure. Simultaneity. Stage. Wet collodion. Crimea. Peace. Civil War. Geographical survey. Landscape. Map. Travel. Paris streets. Dryplate. Darkroom. Dark cloth. Cyanotypes of British and Foreign Ferns. Native. Branded. Stereoscope. Archive. From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried. Album. Magic. Pyramids. Sundial. Camera obscura. Albumen. Developer. Observation. Judgment. Water stop. Gentrification. Sprawl. Fix. Conservation. New Topographics. Hypoclear. White flight. Safe light. Carceral state. Surveillance. Slavery. Reparations. Loss. Memory. Townships. De Beers. Ritual. Community. The Ganges. Artifact. Shaman. Ancestor. Human rights. Enduring Justice. Relic. Still life. Object. Bamako. Tapestry. Shroud. Subversive. Agitate. Trespass. The Piers. Vanguard. Revolutionary. Antlitz Der Zeit. Catalogue. Portrait. Propaganda. Visible. Montage. Evidence. Dialectic. Civil rights. Infinity. Hyperfocal distance. Phenomenology. Digital. Anthropological. Uncertainty. Advertising. Internet. Museum. Gallop. The Decisive Moment. Neutrality. Journalism. Display. Earth/body. Art. Kurdistan. Ethnography. Comedy. Catharsis. Queer gaze. Daybooks. Binding. Role. Masculinity. Flux. Diary. The Ballad of Sexual Dependency. Relational. Identity. Simulacrum. Print. Feminism. Narrative. Experiment. Color. Silence Equals Death. Light. Black-and-white. Provoke. America. Time/Life. Home. New Documents. Place. Lens. Atomic. Studio. Deep space. Writing. Exploration. Exploitation. Gaming. Decolonialization. Minomata. Mercury. Silver. Halide. Reclaim. Perform. Subjectivity. Faces and Phases. Freedom. News. Poem. Pinprick. Mother. Mirrors and Windows. Story. Repetition. Song. Discipline. Philosophy. Witness. Passport.     

               Analogy. As dance is to walking, so photography is to....

What will happen while I am a student?

Doors open through the study of photography, beginning with your time as a student. Through an education in photography and documentary studies, you learn not only critical inquiry and technical process, but you gain entry into communities, institutions, and cultures. You work y on and off campus to develop research methods and practices, and to formulate your artistic ideas and goals. You may explore the role of photography and imaging in art, medicine, and social media, as well as race, gender, the environment, personal history, and any number of topics. You may use photographs and video to glean evidence about invasive species of mollusks on the Lake Erie floor. You may endeavor to understand the effects of incarceration, eviction, and poverty on women and families through photo essays and long-form narrative. You may make a video about solitude and reverie, set in the forest, for which you compose your own electronic music. Or about smoking, the body, and lacerated instant sheet film. You may become enraptured by darkroom practice and print production. And then photographs farms and meat processing in medium-format black-and-white film. You might make DSLR portraits of refugee teenagers, contemplating their new forms of leisure, and your own trans-national identity. And then, you might participate in an exhibition about conservation and the environment, for which you make photographs, video, installation, and an artist’s book.     

You will build multiple portfolios, write, edit, curate, discuss, and develop a new role for yourself. You will learn how to trouble-shoot all aspects of digital workflow, solving problems collaboratively. You will invest in the work of peers, forming a community of artists. You may build cameras, tweaking existing technologies and and pioneering new ones. You will learn exposure, chemistry and optics, and turn digital processes inside-out. You will study book layout, and to work with typography and design. You will produce large-scale prints and mount exhibitions. You will explore methods in darkroom craft, Adobe Creative Cloud and other software, the lighting studio, and the street. You will gain discipline, and learn to speak a new language.


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