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The Robert Curtis Wilson Collection

Robert Wilson in Japan with his Collaged painting behind him

Robert Curtis Wilson

"Places of the Heart"

Regional Landscape Artist 


Painting done by Robert Wilson of the Buffalo State Quad

His Younger Years

This collection emphasizes his time during those early years in his artistic career while he was still in Indiana as well as when he was in the military. His career in California also progressed from this time period. Here you can see some insight with some early drawings and artwork.

Robert Wilson in his studio in California

The California Years

This collection is an insight into Robert's time in California from 0000 - 0000. His main inspiration during this time period was abstraction and landscape art. He used mandala abstractions in a lot of his works.

Robert Wilson on sabbatical from Buffalo State College

The Buffalo Years

In this collection you can see Buffalo through his perspective while he was teaching at Buffalo State College in the painting department. A lot of his works were based on the beautiful landscapes of Buffalo in the forests.


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