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Photography, B.F.A.

About the Program

National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD) Accredited

The discipline emphasized in our B.F.A. program is art photography - specifically the creation of art to be displayed in museums, sold in galleries, or published in books. Graduates of our program may also find receptive employers in advertising, and editorial illustration.

A major is required to mount an individual exhibition of his or her work in their senior year. It will be planned and installed with the advice of the student's Senior Studio adviser, but no grade will be assigned.

Students are expected to assume the costs of certain materials and cameras (film and digital) needed to make photographs. Cameras and other photography equipment are not provided to do course work by the college. However, we do provide a well-equipped computer/digital-printing lab for color, a black-and-white film developing lab, and a print-enlarging lab to make traditional monochromatic silver prints. All photography courses have a materials fee. This fee covers chemistry, ink jet inks, certain ink jet papers, and some other materials. The fee does not cover film, cameras, flash equipment, and other equipment and supplies needed by all majors. Students enrolled in a studio course are expected to work a minimum of two additional hours each week outside of class for each credit granted for that class.

The study of photography in the Fine Arts emphasizes creativity, craft, and making memorable pictures. Our courses teach film and digital camera craft, traditional film developing and print enlarging, the use of electronic flash, the use of computers and ink jet printers, color management, and Photoshop as used by photographers. some of our students go on to do graduate degrees and to teach. Our graduates include self-employed artists, freelance photographers, and teachers. The art world, advertising, photojournalism, education, and industry are some fields in which our graduates have found employment.

Admission Requirements

High school students applying for admission to the B.F.A. photography major need only state his/her intent to major in photography to be accepted to the major, assuming required G.P.A. and other college admissions standards are met. A portfolio is not required. A transfer student who has studied photography elsewhere seeking advanced placement may be accepted directly into the major, but must show a portfolio of photographs to be evaluated at the Area Coordinator's discretion, for appropriate placement here. The portfolio must contain 10, silver black-and-white, 8"x10" prints enlarged from film, and 10, 8.5"x11" color ink jet prints. These prints should represent the applicant's strongest pictures.

The Fine Arts Department reserves the right to retain students' artwork for use in exhibits, catalogs, or as teaching aids.

Program Requirements

Intellectual Foundations Requirements 33–39 cr

Total Required Credit Hours in Fine Arts 78 cr

A. Required Courses (45 cr)
DES 101 Two-Dimensional Design
FAR 101 Drawing I
FAR 102 Drawing II
FAR 103 Modeling
FAR 104 Themes and Issues in Contemporary Arts
FAR 210 Introductory Painting
FAR 220 Introductory Photography
FAR 230 Introductory Printmaking
FAR 240 Introductory Sculpture
FAR 250 Art History I
FAR 251 Art History II
FAR 325 History of Photography
FAR 363 Twentieth-Century Art
FAR 470 Senior Seminar in Fine Arts
One art history elective.

B. Photography Courses (21 cr)
FAR 321 Intermediate Photography I
FAR 322 Intermediate Photography II
FAR 323 Advanced Photography (three courses) (9)
FAR 420 Senior Studio in Photography (6)

C. Art Electives (12 cr)

All College Electives 3-9 cr

Total Required Credit Hours 120-145 cr


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